Saturday, May 23, 2009

William Dawes' Descendants in Brookline

I was surprised to learn, while reading up on Brookline in the Civil War, that the first Brookline man to enlist in the Union Army was a grandson of William Dawes, the rider whose passage through Brookline on the day of Lexington and Concord is marked at the Devotion House each Patriot's Day.

William Dwight Goddard, who enlisted on April 23, 1861, was the son of Mehitable May Dawes Goddard, youngest daughter of William Dawes. Born in 1796, she married Samuel Goddard of Brookline in 1818.

William D. Goddard died in 1866. Mehitable Goddard died in 1882. Both are buried, along with Samuel and other family members, in the Old Burying Ground on Walnut Street.

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