Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coolidge Corner Newspaper Sketches

Sketches of three Coolidge Corner commercial buildings from three different decades as they appeared in the pages of the Brookline Chronicle. (Click on images for larger views.)
S.S. Pierce Building sketch, 1899
S.S. Pierce Building, Chronicle,  October 28, 1899
Coolidge Corner Building sketch, 1912
Coolidge Corner Building, , Chronicle,  March 16, 1912

Altman Block sketch, 1922
Altman Block, Chronicle,  January 14, 1922
The S.S. Pierce Building was already standing at the time the above sketch appeared.  The other two sketches were previews of what was to come.  All three buildings are still in use in Coolidge Corner today.

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  1. When Bradlee, Winslow and Wetherell's fine architectural drawing of the S.S. Pierce Store and Whitney Hall surfaced at auction, we valiantly struggled to reel her in for the BHS collection, to join the Susan Heath, Jack and Marion's menu, Mr. Payzolt's sign, and other trophies from previous successful fishing expeditions, but she went to the Heinz collection in Pittsburgh because Chris Monkhouse had a stronger fishing rod.