Monday, February 17, 2014

Calvin Coolidge in Brookline - At Last!

To mark Presidents Day a few years back I started compiling a list of U.S. Presidents who had been in Brookline before, during, or after their presidency. I identified 7 at first including, of course, John F. Kennedy who was born here in 1917. The list grew with more research and had reached 21 when I last updated it on Presidents Day last year.

Calvin Coolidge
I felt sure that Calvin Coolidge, who had been governor of Massachusetts, must have been in Brookline at some time.  But evidence of Coolidge in town remained elusive, and I left him off the list.

Until now.

This morning, I found a reference to a letter Coolidge wrote to his father in 1908 from the Corey Hill Hospital where he was visiting his step-mother, Carrie Coolidge, while she was treated for an unknown ailment there.

I'll wait until I have more details before adding it to the full list, but there is no doubt that Coolidge makes #22.  (In the meantime, you can read about the other 21 presidents in Brookline here.)

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