Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ghost Building #1: What Remains Today

Last week I asked what part of the old Courthouse and Police Station, torn down in 1963, remains and where it can be found.

Former courthouse and police station

The remaining piece is the architectural element seen above the entrance in the black and white photo of the courthouse above. You'll find it today, a couple of blocks from its original location, in the little triangle at the intersection of Washington and Harvard Streets.

Architectural element from old courthouse

Tomorrow, another "ghost building" of Brookline, a long-gone edifice that's left a little bit of itself behind.

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  1. The ornametal laterns, with blue galss, shown in the photo on either side of the main entrance on the origional building still exist. They are on the facade of the newer Brookline Police Station on Washington Street, across from when the origional building stood.