Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ghost Building #3: Brookline Baptist Church

The Brookline Baptist Church on Beacon Street was the fourth building to serve as home to the Baptists, Brookline's second oldest congregation. Designed by architect Julius Schweinfurth, the church was built in 1907.

It was demolished in 1973, a few years after the Baptist Church merged with two other congregations to form United Parish.

As with all of the "Ghost Buildings of Brookline" in this series, a part of the original building remains. In this case, there are two pieces of the building to be found: one on the original grounds of the church and another nearby.

Do you know where and what they are?

Brookline Baptist Church

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  1. Hi, Ken

    Just found your blog & Im enjoying reading your older entries- to answer your questions, I'm thinking the church bell is located on site, and I'm guessing a bible, some religious relic was relocated to the Harvard Pilgrim Church when the Congregationalists merged with the Methodist & American Baptist congregations to form the United Parish-